Did you know that problems with your mouth can influence the rest of your body or that your oral health can provide information about your general health? Learn more about how your oral and general health are related to protecting yourself. Although it affects every part of our life, oral health is frequently taken for granted. Your mouth is a window into your body’s wellness. It may display symptoms of systemic infection or nutritional deficits. Lesions in the mouth or other oral issues may be the initial symptoms of systemic disorders, which affect the whole body.


What’s the connection between oral health and overall health?

Your mouth is teeming with germs, which are harmless, like other body parts. However, some of these bacteria can spread disease as your mouth serves as the entrance to your digestive and respiratory systems. Bacteria are often checked by the body’s natural defences and proper oral hygiene practices like daily brushing and flossing. But without good dental hygiene, bacteria may build up to the point where they cause oral infections, including tooth decay and gum disease.


What diseases are related to dental health?

Your oral health may play a role in several illnesses and ailments, such as:



Tell your Edmonton dentist about any changes in your general health, especially if you’ve recently been ill or have a chronic illness like diabetes or any drugs you take.


How can you improve your oral health?

Practice good oral hygiene every day to safeguard your dental health.


At Smile Zone Dental, we are concerned with your dental health and your dentist in Edmonton will assist you immediately if you are experiencing sudden problems with your oral health. An investment in your overall health is taking care of your dental health. Call us at 780-989-5733 to book an appointment.

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