Laser dentistry is a type of treatment that uses a laser to treat such dental issues. Compared to drills and other non-laser tools, laser dentistry may provide a more comfortable treatment option for various dental procedures involving hard or soft tissue.

What are the uses of laser dentistry?

6 Benefits of using Laser Dentistry?

What kinds of dental problems is laser dentistry applicable?

Dental laser treatments can improve dental treatments’ efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and comfort. Hard tissue and soft tissue procedures are the two main laser dentistry procedures.

Other laser procedures include:

How much does laser dentistry cost?

The cost of laser treatments varies depending on the procedure and the laser equipment used. They may be less expensive than non-laser treatments because laser treatments are usually completed in fewer sessions. Furthermore, dental insurance typically determines reimbursement costs based on the treatment itself rather than the method employed.

What type of laser is used during a dental laser treatment?

Dental professionals use hard tissue or soft tissue lasers depending on the treatment. If the treatment allows, some people will use both types. Hard tissue lasers can sever tooth structures. The wavelengths of their light absorb a combination of water and a mineral found in teeth.

The most common applications for these lasers are preparing or shaping teeth for composite bonding, repairing worn-down dental fillings, and removing some tooth structures.
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