Dentures come in various forms, including implant dentures and detachable dentures. The more conventional choice of removable dentures requires the patient to take them out before bedtime. As we affix implant dentures directly to the jaw, they are not detachable. We won’t suggest implant dentures unless the patient is in good health and has no more usable teeth. We will carefully examine the patient’s teeth and present state of oral health to choose the appropriate type of dentures for them. We shall next go on to the subsequent steps in the procedure for a patient interested in receiving dentures.

Taking care of your dentures

The dentures a person receives from our office will be fitted specifically to their mouth, although it can take some time before they are completely comfortable using them. For dentures to survive as long as possible, adequate dental care is also necessary. However, good care will not need to use toothpaste to brush as usual. The right brush and a liquid solution that won’t damage the dentures’ material must be used to care for dentures properly. Additionally, every night while the patient sleeps, the detachable dentures must be soaked in the solution. We will discuss the best cleaning techniques for the type of dentures the patient has because there are several sorts of dentures. Additionally, we will suggest the best sort of denture cleaning solution and where to buy it.

Even though the patient is toothless, an infection of the gums is still possible. A patient lacking teeth must therefore wash their gums at least twice daily. Patients should carefully brush their gums with toothpaste after removing their dentures from their mouths and rinsing them with water. Regular brushing and maintaining the dentures’ cleanliness will help prevent the patient from developing a mouth infection. The patient should also brush the tongue and the area along the roof of the mouth. While a patient may need some time to get used to this, maintaining good oral hygiene is essential for keeping dentures in the optimum shape.

In addition to maintaining good dental hygiene, patients should take care not to drop their dentures in the restroom on the floor or counter. Dentures are strong, but they are not indestructible. It is essential to call us and ask for assistance if the patient needs to have any dentures repaired. Without proper training, attempting to fix dentures can have disastrous effects.To learn more about making dentures and whether they are the best option for you, visit the Smile Zone Dental team. Call us at 780-989-5733 to book an appointment.

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