Usually, a bacterial infection that has built up in the tooth’s soft pulp is the cause of the abscess. Plaque, a byproduct of food, saliva, and oral bacteria that clings to the teeth and harms the gums, contains bacteria. The germs may spread into the soft tissue of the tooth or gums if the plaque is not eliminated by routinely brushing and flossing properly. An abscess may develop as a result of this. Your dentist in Edmonton must treat it right away. An abscess in the mouth won’t disappear on its own.

What are the symptoms you have a dental abscess?

Getting dental abscess treatment

Dentists typically treat dental abscesses. The dentist will remove the pus. If a dental issue brought on the abscess, you might require root canal therapy or even tooth extraction. A local anesthetic will be administered to you to make you pain-free. Following treatment, you might be prescribed medications to take for a few days, along with antibiotics.

What are the causes of a dental abscess?

Dental abscesses typically develop when pus accumulates behind the gums or teeth due to an oral infection.

A dental abscess could develop if:

What are the complications?

Most of the time, issues only develop from untreated abscesses. Even after seemingly successful therapy, issues can still happen, but this is extremely uncommon. Potential issues include:

How to prevent dental abscesses?

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