The sooner your Edmonton dentist can fix a cracked tooth, the better. Larger dental issues may develop as a result of broken teeth over time. A fractured tooth can become a breeding ground for bacteria. This might result in an infection-causing pocket of bacteria or an abscess. If left untreated, this illness can spread to other body regions and pose a major health risk. Additionally, a cracked tooth frequently damages the nerve and may require a root canal later.

What are the symptoms of a broken tooth?

You might not notice when the enamel is eroding since the tooth’s enamel has no nerves. A cracked tooth can have a large break that exposes the pulp and dentin, or it can only have a minor chip. A chip might not hurt, but some larger cracks most definitely would. In these crevices, bacteria can enter and cause pain, discoloration, or sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. Swollen gums, pain when chewing, pain that comes and goes, pressure sensitivity, or a general sense of discomfort in the area can also be indicators of a broken tooth that may need dental repair.

Should I leave a broken tooth alone?

You shouldn’t ignore a fractured tooth. Even if a fractured tooth doesn’t hurt or irritate you, delaying treatment can put you at risk for other, more serious problems. Food being lodged inside a fractured tooth is one of the most annoying consequences of leaving it alone because it can result in serious infections. Abscesses, fluid-filled sacs of plaque, pus, and germs, can develop on infected teeth. Because the infection can enter the bloodstream, these abscesses can be uncomfortable and dangerous to the body. Leaving a fractured tooth untreated increases the likelihood that the surrounding teeth may also get infected, which could harm general health. The best repairs are those that are finished right away. The treatment may be more extensive the longer you wait. In the case of an infection that requires more effective treatment, teeth may need to be pulled. Immediate care options include capping or crowning the injured area.

How to handle a broken tooth?

A tooth that has been slightly chipped typically won’t cause any issues on its own. To prevent your tongue or lip from sticking on the sharp edge, your dentist in Edmonton can still fill and smooth the tooth. More care will be needed for teeth that are severely shattered or fractured. A cavity in the tooth may be the cause of a damaged tooth, and cavities can infect the pulp or gums. There may be a need for root canal therapy in this situation. Root canal therapy might not be ideal for teeth with chips or cracks. After removing the infected or inflamed pulp, the area will be cleaned and sealed. To avoid further discomfort or infection, the dentist may be able to fill in the crack or chip if it is discovered in time. The dentist will roughen the tooth’s surface for the cement to adhere to the tooth. Then the tooth-coloured resin is added. Under ultraviolet light, the bonding material hardens to seal the tooth break.
Likely, you won’t immediately feel pain from a fractured tooth unless the condition is visible, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. It’s crucial to call your dentist at Smile Zone Dental right soon, no matter how minor the issue may be. Dental visits are crucial for maintaining good oral health. Get reliable care if you have a cracked tooth because infections can and will spread swiftly. Call us at 780-989-5733 to book an appointment.

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