Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation Dentistry

Dental Sedation
Are you feeling anxious about visiting your dentist? We have the answer!
For some people, just the thought of visiting a dentist can make them feel powerless. This is called dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is perfectly normal, but it’s still a very difficult problem to overcome. People with dental anxiety may feel sleepless and tense the night before an appointment. They can become increasingly anxious while in the waiting room, possibly feeling so nervous that they become physically sick. Some feel rising panic, making them want to cry or flee the building. But it doesn’t have to be this way. All of these uncomfortable feelings are treatable with Sedation Dentistry.
What is Sedation Dentistry?
Sedation dentistry is a method of calming and relaxing a patient before and during their dental procedure. This is done to help make the appointment a more positive experience and keep them from experiencing common dental anxieties. It is nothing new that both children and adults may experience dental anxiety when considering a visit for their oral health care. However, these fears can be calmed with the use of sedation dentistry, making it an important aspect of any dental practice.
A healthy body depends on a healthy mouth. If you experience dental anxiety, it’s time you talk to us about Sedation Dentistry. For more information, please call or visit Smile Zone today. Because you deserve a positive and comfortable dental experience!

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