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Dentures are detachable tools that can repair missing teeth and bring back your smile. Replacing missing teeth will help keep your health and appearance because dentures make it much more comfortable to speak and eat.
Facial muscles can weaken when you lose all your teeth, and it makes you look older. Dental Dentures can help fill out the look of your face. We will make your dentures match your natural teeth, so your image does not change. It can also enhance the look of your smile.
You still have to follow proper dental habits even if you wear full dentures. Brush your tongue and gums every morning before you insert your dentures to help eliminate plaque and bad breath.
If your denture is damaged, contact your dentist immediately. The dentist will check your mouth and fix your dentures. Having regular checkups for your teeth is what we recommend.
For more information about dentures, please contact our Smile Zone office. Our team will respond to any inquiries you may have.

Crowns and Bridges

The term for replacing missing or damaged teeth is called restorative dentistry. Its objective is to prevent oral health problems and bring back your beautiful smile.
Why is this method necessary?
It fills the empty spaces in the mouth and helps the teeth maintain their proper place. – It contributes to keeping good oral habits. – You lose your self-confidence, looks, and health if you have missing teeth.
It is a tooth-shaped cap that is located over a tooth which is used to establish and preserve your tooth structure. Crowns are formed of a hard, white substance that will maintain the natural look of your teeth.
It covers the spaces between missing teeth. Your dental specialist would suggest taking a dental bridge after you lose your tooth. This procedure can help your other teeth from moving out of its place. When the bridge is fixed, it works like your normal or natural teeth.
Dental crowns and bridges are prosthetic devices that are bonded onto the teeth. Crowns are commonly used to cover a damaged tooth thoroughly. They are bonded to the tooth surrounding the space where the tooth once stood.
Bridges and crowns can last a lifetime, however, sometimes they fall out. You must practice good oral hygiene to assure the survival of the crown or bridge. If dental disease damages the teeth, the bridge may lose its support. At Smile Zone we suggest that you maintain the health of your gums and teeth by brushing twice daily and flossing regularly.
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