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Be Confident With Dentures

At Smile Zone we provide personalized denture services. Crafting healthy, beautiful smiles with full and partial dentures that not only feel good but also look good. What type of dentures are right for you?

No one wants a denture with an escape plan. Stronger and a well fitted denture is the key ingredient to building confidence with your smile.

If you're missing one or more teeth, you may be aware of the important role they play in your overall oral health. Your teeth are designed to work together with each other to help you chew, speak and smile. With the loss of a tooth, life becomes a little more difficult.

During your consultation here at Smile Zone we will discuss the best solution to enrich your smile with the help of a denture. If you already have a denture, but feel it is not serving its purpose to the full extent or if it's loose, chipped or cracked we can repair those issues as well to ensure you keep smiling with confidence for years to come.

Considering dentures?
What exactly are dentures?

Dentures are an artificial replacement for natural teeth, they are fabricated of acrylic and resin, special plastics and sometimes lightweight metal, which are designed to look just like your real teeth.

Dentures provide support for your facial muscles as well as assist with your ability to chew and eat food, and they also assist with your ability to speak clearly.

At this point if you and your dentist agree that dentures are the best solution for you, the dentist will then examine your mouth and from this create a model of your jaw. From this model your dental professional can begin the denture-making process and make sure your new smile is perfectly fitted.

Types of Dentures:

Full Dentures - are your best option when it comes to replacing a full set of teeth. This type of denture for your upper jaw includes a flesh-coloured acrylic base that covers your gums and the roof of your mouth, allowing a complete set of false teeth to sit firmly. The denture for you lower mouth is pretty much the same, except the shape. It is shaped like a horseshoe to avoid covering your tongue.

Partial Dentures - this is a great option for you if you're only missing a few teeth, partial dentures literally just fill the gap. Partial dentures can be attached using metal clasps that grip the natural teeth. There are also partial dentures which adheres with precision attachments that are less noticeable and so this may be another options we may suggest.

Reasons for Dentures:

1. Loss of all teeth in an arch

2. Loss of several teeth

3. Enhancing smile and facial tissue

4. Improving chewing and speaking

Whether you're getting the dentures for the first time or you need your current dentures replaced, repaired or relined Smile Zone has all the services you need to smile confidently again. To learn which dental option is right for you, call us for an appointment. Our team will be happy to see you!

Alternative to dentures

Dental implants can also be a great option to fill the gap left behind by missing teeth. With the fast advancement in dental technology, a dental implant is a small man-made titanium screw that serves as the replacement for the root portion of your missing tooth.

Here at Smile Zone , we offer dental implants as a solution to replace a single lost tooth or many missing teeth. Implant supported replacement teeth look, feel and function a lot like your natural teeth.

Another great quality a dental implant offers our patients is that they are proven to restore your smile while preserving the integrity of the facial structure and reduce inconvenience associated with tooth loss.

Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, so it's important to schedule a consultation with use to find out if this could be an option for you.

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