During the holiday season, it is easy to get wrapped up in the festivities and indulgences that come with it. But the consequences of some of these sugary treats can be more serious than just a cavity. Eating too many sweets, particularly ones with high sugar, can damage your teeth and lead to other oral health issues. Therefore, knowing which holiday treats can be the most damaging to your teeth is important, so you can take measures to reduce their risks. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the holiday treats that could lead to tooth damage and how you can limit their effects. Not only can eating the right foods better your smile, but also your overall oral health. So, it’s important to know which foods to watch out for and how to incorporate healthier alternatives into your diet.

How sugar affects your teeth?

Have you ever noticed that your mouth feels sticky or filmy when you eat too much sugar? It’s a plaque. When bacteria accumulate on your teeth, plaque is created. Saliva normally removes plaque, but if there is too much sugar in the environment, there may be more plaque than your saliva can handle. Plaque bacteria consume sugar, converting it into acids as a food source. As the acids erode tooth enamel, germs can cause infections and cavities in the crevices of the teeth.

Therefore, while sugar alone doesn’t cause tooth decay, consuming too much of it might lead to an unhealthy oral environment because:

Holiday foods that are bad for your teeth

To safeguard your teeth this Christmas season, you must avoid more than just sugar. Sugar and acid together, or some other element, can enhance the effects of sugar or otherwise damage the enamel of your teeth. In light of this, we’ve listed the six-holiday foods most likely to damage your teeth.

What would a seasonal gathering be without the food and drinks we eagerly anticipate each year? The holidays are meant to be enjoyed with family and friends. Just be selective and consume in moderation. Make sure you’re not continuously exposing your mouth to meals that raise acidity and give germs a warm place to live. To know more about how to care for your oral health, visit your Edmonton dentist at Smile Zone Dental. Call us at 780-989-5733 to book an appointment.

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