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Adult Exam and Basic Cleaning with Free Teeth Whitening (Includes up to 3 units of scaling)


for 12 months
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  • $4.93 /month

  • $6.46 /month

    (4 pics - required to check for cavities)

  • $2.38 /month

  • $7.30 /month

    (useful for wisdom teeth)

  • $5.55 /month

    (for heavily stained teeth or if its been a long time since your last cleaning)

/month* * Estimated amount before interest and borrowing costs.


All financing is administered by the experienced and friendly team at EP Care.

Smile Zone Dental is proud to offer dental products and service financing through EP Care, a division of Everyday People Financial Inc (“EP Care” or “EP”). EP Care’s payment plans allow you to break down the cost of the products or services performed at Smile Zone Dental into a series of monthly installments, which allows you to spread out the costs of your services over a period of time. Pre-approval is easy with a high approval rate and payments are automatic and manageable.

EP Care is a financier and does not offer dental services. EP Care does not endorse, recommend or favor the products, supplies or services of any medical practitioner, supplier or manufacturer referred to herein. As a financial intermediary between doctors and patients, EP Care works with patients to arrange credit, enables doctors to offer patients financial alternatives, and links doctors and patients through our directory. The listing of any firm or their trademarks is not intended to imply any endorsement or direct affiliation with EP Care. Any third-party trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.


The services you selected must first be assessed by a dentist.

A dentist will need to review your specific health needs to confirm that these are services are right for you. Your dentist may recommend that you do or do not attain certain services. The final cost of your service will be based on the final recommendation of your dentist. The minimum you could pay is what is reflected above. The maximum amount you could pay monthly is $84.00 (before interest and application service fees) which is based on a maximum amount of financing allotted to the program by EP Care.

* Currently not available to residents of Quebec

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Same-Day Emergency Appointments Available

Dental emergencies happen anytime and anywhere! We provide same-day emergency appointments to ensure that you get the urgent dental care you need.

Direct Billing To Insurance

We offer direct insurance billing to make things more convenient for our patients. We also accept all major insurance plans and government plans.

We Follow the ADA Fee Guide

We follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide to make our services more economical and budget-friendly for our patients.

No Cost Teeth Whitening

Smile bigger and brighter with our complimentary teeth whitening that is included in all of our adult check-ups and cleanings at absolutely no extra cost. Simply ask us at your next cleaning appointment if you wish to take advantage of our teeth whitening program.

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Smile Zone provides a wide range of dental services for patients of all ages—children, adults, and seniors. Our dental services include general and preventive care, cosmetic care, restorative care, children’s dentistry, and more additional care.
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