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Baby Teeth is very critical to your child's development and health. It helps your child speak, smile and chew. Also, they keep space in the jaws for permanent teeth that are developing under the gums. When it is lost early, the permanent teeth can flow into space, and it is difficult for other adult teeth to find the space when they grow. This results in crooked or crowded teeth. That is why babies should have a good oral care to keep their permanent teeth aligned.

A dental visit should be done after a first tooth comes in. It is called well-baby checkup for an early age. The dental professionals will also show you how to clean the child's teeth properly aside from checking cavities and other problems.

Here are tips to prevent cavities:

Maintain the cleanliness of your child's teeth. This is the simplest way to keep healthy teeth.

Avoid or limit sugary foods and drinks (in particular for babies). Avoid utilizing bottle and sippy cups to sooth your child. Load it with water instead.

See the dental specialist by the age on or within six months when the first tooth comes in. With frequent checkups, your dentist will observe the development of your child's teeth and gums prevent disease.

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