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Every day we keep on brushing and flossing our teeth to make it white and healthy. However, you still feel that your teeth are more yellow and you’re not comfortable smiling. Indeed you are not alone! Smile Zone is here to make your teeth whiter and healthier. We will give you a smile to be proud of.

Teeth whitening is an easy procedure. Whitening materials consist of 2 teeth bleachers. These products make the color of your teeth brighter and whiter.

Here are the reasons why your teeth obtain stains and may not be so white:

Drinks and Food

Some significant staining offenders are: tea, coffee, and red wine. They have intense color pigments that are called chromogens. It attaches to the outer part of your teeth which is commonly known as enamel.

Using Tobacco

There are two elements found in tobacco that can create stains. First is the Tar which is commonly dark. Second is nicotine which is colorless until mixed with oxygen then turns into yellowish.


Dentin is the white outer shell of your teeth. As you age, the outer layer of your teeth became thinner, and the yellowish dentin shows up.

You Experienced Trauma

The teeth may change colors when you have experience injuries like when you have been hit in the mouth.

Medical Treatments

Sometimes medications are the reason your teeth darken. It can be the side effect of antipsychotics, antihistamines, and high blood pressure medical care. Radiation and chemotherapy may also blacken the teeth.

If you wish to have a more appealing smile, whiter and healthier teeth, our team is happy to welcome you into our clinic. We have an efficient solution for your dental issues. Book your consultation today!

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