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Oral cancer screening is an exam conducted by the dentist to check signs of cancer conditions in your mouth. It is done to identify mouth cancer as early as possible. If the disease is detected earlier, you will have a great chance for cure.

People with no signs of mouth cancer should still have an oral cancer screening. The screening will consist of a visual examination of the mouth and palpation of the neck and jaw. Regular appointment to your dentist will improve the chance that any random changes in your oral health will catch early at a time when cancer can be treated more quickly.

Individuals with a high chance of oral cancer are possible to benefit from the screening. Here are the factors that might increase the risk of oral cancer:

-Using any tobacco such as cigars, chewing tobacco, cigarettes, pipes, and snuff.

-Drinking alcohol

- Sun exposure history which increases the chance of lip cancer

Visit your dentist to know whether you need a oral cancer screening or not. And also ask about ways you can minimize your chance of oral cancer.

Please feel free to contact us or visit our office for more information about oral cancer screening. Our dental team would be happy to assist and evaluate your condition.

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