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Important Covid-19 Update

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Like other physical examination, an oral exam also helps your whole body overall health. Regular oral check up prevents bigger issues.

Gum disease and infections don't just affect your mouth. A disease in one area of the body affects the system or the organs. Gum disease has linked in some serious ailments such as cardiovascular disease, dementia, and diabetes.

When you visit your dentist, they will ask about any health issues you have or medicine you are taking because it might affect your oral health.

Here’s what to expect during oral examination:

- Examine your oral hygiene and overall health

- Examine your risk of gum or bone disease, tooth decay, and root decay

- Examine if you need tooth repair or tooth replacement

- Check your jaw, chew or bite problems

- Eliminate any deposits or stains on your teeth

- Show you proper cleaning methods

- Evaluate your need of fluoride

- If necessary, they will take dental x-rays and other diagnostic procedures

If you have any questions or concerns about your oral health, don't hesitate to visit us. We at Smile Zone are available to accommodate all your dental needs.

Schedule an appointment now, and we will help you feel at ease about your oral exam.

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