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Gum contouring is cosmetic treatment used to improve the shape of your gums. Our team can use this procedure to remove unnecessary gum tissue. If your gums cover too high or too low on your teeth, then you need this treatment.

There are two causes of uneven gums:

If your gums are too low and it covers a large part of your teeth, this could be the result of genetics, specifically health problem.

If your gums are too high and it makes your teeth look long, this is a common cause of the gingival recession. It is a disease in which the gum tissue stretches back from a tooth. Also, it can lead to dental problems such as tooth loss and tooth decay. It may also be an indication of periodontal disease.

We know that a smile is not just about the teeth. A smile needs to be balanced to be perfect, and gums are the foundation of it. We at Smile Zone, believe that smiles are a work of art, and like all great masterpieces, they can be transformed to produce the best visual effect.

If your gums have bothered you, schedule an appointment with us, and you will see a big difference in one appointment with gum contouring in our clinic.

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