Important Covid-19 Update

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Important Covid-19 Update

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No Cost Teeth Whitening

All our adult check-ups & cleanings include complimentary

teeth whitening



It is essential to practice good oral habits at home and visit your dentist frequently. When you start taking good care of your teeth as early as possible, it could help in preserving a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

We at Smile Zone have lots of information and sources for groups or families who want to learn more regarding good dental care and overall good oral health habits. Whether you are a teen with braces, mom, a grandparent or somebody in between, we have the solutions for you.

We only desire the greatest for you and your family. Our dental team offers the following services:

Teeth cleanings
Exams and X-rays
Restorative procedures
Preventive care
We also offer pediatric dental and orthodontics services.

The team at Smile Zone is dedicated to giving quality oral health care to families and treat patients of all ages. We provide complete solutions for our patient's needs. We also believe in the significance of listening to our clients and understand each lifestyle and goal. We will help improve your health and bring that bright and pleasant smile to your face.

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