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Important Covid-19 Update

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Make sure that you attend your dentist at least twice a year. Having a professional dental cleaning at least two times a year can improve your overall oral health. Those who practice good oral hygiene regularly at home with brushing and flossing usually do not feel discomfort during a cleaning. But those who have failed to follow their oral health habits may feel uncomfortable and sensitivity during the dental cleaning. The dental specialist can use a painkiller before the cleaning to ease any discomfort.

Our dental cleanings (dental prophylaxis) are done by registered dental hygienists. To complete the dental exam; your cleaning process will include the following:

Eliminate tartar: Tartar is a hard plaque that can be found on the tooth cover both below and above the gums. It can only be extracted with special dental tools.

Eliminating plaque: It is a sticky colorless film containing food particles, bacteria, and saliva. If plaque is removed, the bacteria will produce poisons that can infect the gums and possibly causing periodontal disease.

Polishing Teeth: Mild polishing eliminates stains and marks that remain in the teeth. When this happens, you can now enjoy that clean teeth feeling.

Here at Smile Zone, we have doctors and dental hygienists with years of experience in dental cleanings. We are happy to welcome you and give you guidelines on how to maintain your healthy smile. Visit us today!

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