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Dental Cavities

Cavities refer to tooth decay, which happens when particular types of bacteria produce corrosive that harm the enamel of the tooth and its underlying layer, the dentin.

Signs & Symptoms

Symptoms of cavity include: Sensitivity to sweet, cold or hot foods or drinks Pain when chewing Toothache

Dealing with your teeth is essential for a brilliant and healthy smile. You can do this by keeping the existence of dental cavities through proper dental cleanliness such as flossing, brushing and regular checkup with your dentist. We additionally offer dental services such as sealants, dental cleaning, fillings and more to treat any dental holes.

To guard your teeth against dental holes, we offer fluoride treatment to make the tooth strong. We also have dental sealants that will secure your children's teeth to any acid and bacteria that may bring dental cavities.

Call us and schedule an appointment, and we will teach you how to protect your child's teeth from dental cavities.

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