A space maintainer is an orthodontic device that enhances dental health in the long run by assisting your child’s permanent teeth to form and erupt correctly. This little dental device is comparable to an adult bridge, except it’s intended to keep the gap between teeth after a primary (baby) tooth falls out rather than replace missing teeth. Typically constructed of metal, space maintainers are custom-made to fit each patient’s mouth. A space maintainer holds a child’s baby teeth in place, enabling normal development and eruption of the permanent teeth. Your child’s permanent teeth will erupt properly with space maintainers, ensuring a pleasant appearance and a secure bite and improving their functionality. Children thereby avoid the requirement for future, more expensive and severe dental repairs.

Does your child need a space maintainer?

Childhood is about giving kids the greatest start possible by fostering positive growth and giving them all they need to grow up healthy and strong, whether you’re thinking about wellness care, education, or socialization. Kid’s dentistry must also strongly emphasize a child’s overall development. Your Edmonton dentist may advise your child to use a space maintainer with consideration for their future.

What are the benefits of space maintainers?

What are the possible reasons that a child might need a space maintainer? 

Not every child will require a space maintainer whenever a baby tooth falls out. Typically, children only require space maintainers when they lose a tooth before their permanent replacement has formed or is about to erupt. A child can have crooked or misaligned teeth due to genetics, tooth decay, bad oral health habits (e.g. thumbsucking), early baby tooth loss, and trauma, which requires a space maintainer.

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