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Looking for an Emergency Dentist?

In a dental emergency, get immediate treatment from an emergency dentist. You need a dentist that can promptly handle the issue same day without having to differ it to a later date.

Dental emergency can happen anytime to anyone. It’s good to know a dentist that you can trust and will take care of the problem same day. At Smile Zone, we are open 7 days a week and there is always a dentist around to treat emergency cases. Our dentists are caring and gentle so you can feel safe and relaxed.

Whether the outcome of an accident or biting on a bit of food that is too hard, mouth wounds can break your teeth, or even thump out or remove your teeth. It is necessary to see an emergency dentist because if left untreated, it can lead to severe complications.

Following can be classified as an emergency or non- emergency situation.

Dental Emergency

  • Swelling
  • Presence of Abscess in Tooth
  • Knocked Out Tooth
  • Extruded Tooth
  • Facial Fracture
  • Broken Braces/Wires

Possible Emergency

  • Heat Sensitivity
  • A Fractured Tooth


  • A Dull and Continuous Ache
  • A Broken Denture
  • Cold Sensitivity

For dental emergencies, call (780) 989-5733 now or come down straight to our office. We are easily located at the the heart of Edmonton.

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